Our Story {So Far}

Hi I’m Ellie / Mum to twin boys Noah and Oliver and baby Penny and wife to Mr H {see Married to a Chef}. I first started blogging in 2013 following our wedding and moving into what was to become our family home in Gloucestershire, UK. My original blog {Tales of a Wanna-be Perfect Housewife} was based around my life as a new wife and, you guessed it, my aspirations of becoming a perfect housewife. In 2015 we welcomed our twin boys into the world {see We’re Expecting {The Unexpected} and Early Days {Part 1} and {Part 2}} and my writing started to mould around life as a new mum of multiples. We then welcomed our third baby, Penny, in the summer of 2018 and our hands {and hearts} became full to bursting.

During and following pregnancy I experienced depression and anxiety. This is not something I find easy to open up about but I know that I am not alone. Having started to confront my own mental heath I would like to share my story and experiences (as well as more lighthearted anecdotes – See Chocolate Blackout} and start a platform of support {and possibly relief!} for other parents / parents to be / or anyone who fancies having a gander as an advocate for mental health awareness.

After a break from blogging my writing spark was reignited thanks to inspiration from bloggers and vloggers such as Vicki Psarias {aka Honest Mum}, Sarah Turner {aka The Unmumsy Mum}, Anna Saccone Joly and my special friend {and co-designer of this blog} Anjali Kay {aka This Spendid Shambles}. I decided to re-launch a new {and hopefully improved} version of the blog to share an honest account of my life and things L’ve learnt along the way as I navigate the challenges {and blessings} of motherhood {including life with multiples and Penny’s diagnosis of Developmental Dysplasia of the Hips and various food allergies} being a working mum, wannabe perfect housewife and healthy {aka yummy} mummy whilst also trying to keep my sanity and have a giggle along the way.

A Life Twintastic was born. Stick around and join the chaos 🙂

{Mum} Life

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