New Product Launch! | {Annual Life Planner}

Last week I missed my posting schedule for the first time in months! I’ve always lived by the mantra that I can do anything, not everything. But lately I’ve been reframing my thinking and thinking bigger. What if I can do anything AND everything? Just not all at once.

These last few weeks have been pretty crazy with work and taking on new opportunities plus working on myself and having a poorly toddler {oh my!} I’m working on going all in in all areas of my life. That’s the aim. But it’s a journey to get there. It takes planning and discipline. So yes, I can do anything. I can also do everything – but I can also prioritise.

One of the projects I’ve been working on as a way to help others plan and prioritise their time is my new digital Annual Life Planner. Following the successful launch of my first digital planner in January 2021 I wanted to create something my customers could start and use at anytime of year. There’s nothing more satisfying than starting an empty, fresh planner. To me it signifies a fresh start, a chance to set goals, brainstorm and get my thoughts in check. But finding the perfect planner can be hard. Which is why I decided to create my own!

So as a follow up to my 2021 planner I launched my digital Annual Life Planner. With this undated, fully interactive 12 month planner you can start feeling more organised at any time of the year.

Key Features

♥︎ 12 undated monthly planners + weekly and daily planners
♥︎ Goal and vision trackers
♥︎ Project and event planners
♥︎ Financial planners
♥︎ To-do lists

Ok great but what exactly is a digital planner?

Digital planners are basically electronic versions of traditional planners or diaries in PDF format rather than paper. Digital planners are accessed through your smart device. Used with a note-taking app, digital planners allow you to write and draw just as you would a paper planner – with added benefits.

What are the benefits of a digital planner?

I have plans to make hardback versions in the future {watch this space!} but there are so many benefits to a digital planner!

  • Your planner is accessible across all your digital devices {and can be backed-up}
  • Your planner is portable – with all your notes and to-do lists included plus a whole host of pen and colour options
  • You can write, draw and easily erase notes {keeping your planner nice and tidy!}
  • You can easily cut and paste notes and take screenshots to archive and re-use pages
  • Your planner is easy to navigate using clickable links

What do I need to get started?

  • In order to use your planner, you will need a digital device {smart phone/tablet}
  • an app which enables you to import and write on a PDF document
  • and a stylus or Apple Pencil

Try before you buy

Not sure a digital planner is for you? Or want to double check your device and app of choice is compatible? My FREE “How-To” eBook contains a link to a FREE try before you buy mini demo planner. In addition to this you can find walkthrough videos on my Instagram account.

Interested? My Annual Life Planner is available NOW to purchase with an immediate download on Etsy and use code LOVINGLIFE for 20% off 🙂

And remember, you can do anything AND everything. Just not all at one 🙂

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