Week one on the {Exante} Diet

I just wanted to start this post by saying I don’t think that any diet plan should replace a balanced, healthy diet for more than aa short term basis and should never be started without proper research and medical advice – and should not be undertaken if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. I have listed my own personal reasons for wanting to start the Exante diet below {and a discount code off your first order!}

My weight journey

Since having Penny 2 years ago I’ve put on 3 stone {42 pounds} above my pre-pregnancy weight. This is easily the heaviest I’ve ever been.

I spent my 20s as a size 10/12 and remember wearing size 14 clothes when I was pregnant with the twins which I now can’t fit into! Of course your body changes with age, once you’ve had children {especially after carrying multiples} and {if you’re a woman} what stage of your monthly cycle you’re at – and that’s completely normal.

After the twins were born I started Slimming World and successfully lost 17 lbs and felt great. My weight then continued to fluctuate and the subsequent 2 times I tried re-starting SW I didn’t lose more than a couple of pounds both times.

When I fell pregnant with P I was the same pre-pregnancy weight as before I had the boys but then seemed to pile on the weight afterwards. I tried SW again with no avail. I felt unfit, unhealthy, uncomfortable and worse than all completely powerless. I would avoid being in photos,catch sight of my reflection and baulk at what I saw. I didn’t even recognise myself. I was/am easily a size 16/18 or XL.

Now – during all this I have also realised that size don’t mean a thang when it comes to clothes and the number on the scales and the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin – what ever shape or size. But I don’t. I would happily buy or wear whatever size clothing as long as it felt good and although I do have a “target weight” and will be using the scales to gage my weight loss – the real gage is how I feel and when I feel good, comfortable and healthy I will be happy whatever the numbers say. A lot of people recommend measuring yourself over weighing but {in all honesty} I’m very lazy so the easiest way for me to track my weight loss is by jumping on the scales once a week {without becoming obsessed with what the scales are telling me}.

My reasons for starting a diet

  • To lose access weight
  • To feel comfortable in my clothes
  • To have more energy for day to day life and exercise
  • To feel more confident and happy
  • To break the cycle of overeating
  • To kickstart a healthier approach to eating

So why Exante specifically?

  • Inspired by great results from my friend Steph {@the_a_family}
  • The ease of a meal replacement diet without having to meal plan, cook or calorie count
  • The range of products and diet plans available
  • The promise of fast and effective weight loss

Having never done a meal replacement diet before I decided to start with the 2 week 800 boxed plan of mixed products including shakes, soups, bars, pancakes and dessert options to try.

What is the Exante 800 plan?

  • A very low calorie diet for quick and effective weight loss
  • 3 Exante meal replacements a day plus either 200 calories from a high-protein list of approved foods and 100ml of semi skimmed milk or a 4th Exante product
  • Suitable for women with a BMI 25+ and men with a BMI 30+

What other plans are there?

  • Exante 5:2 diet – an intermittent fasting plan of 5 days of normal healthy eating and 2 of Exante meal replacements
  • Exante 1200 – 2 Exante meal replacements plus a low-carb meal and healthy snack a day {which is actually more like what I’ve been doing – see below}

Week One

So I started off planning to do the Exante 800 plan but quickly began to do my own thing. I started having a coffee first thing, a shake for breakfast, soup for lunch, a small portion of whatever we were eating as a family for dinner and a bar with a cup of decaf tea in the evening. Surprisingly straight away the main thing I noticed was that I wasn’t hungry! I also drank on average between 2-3 litres of water a day.

The only times I did feel hunger pangs was when I didn’t drink enough. I enjoyed my evening meal with my family and felt very satisfied. I would then change my one meal to lunch if it suited better – for example when we had a BBQ lunch for Penny’s 2nd birthday. I didn’t once feel deprived and even had some birthday cake. I didn’t calorie count or feel stressed about meal planning. The kids continued to have their usual meals and snacks and I would sit with them enjoying whatever I was having.

The meal replacement options were filling and tasty- I especially like the shakes – salter caramel is shamazing! But it was nice to have the variety of the boxed plan to try different things {although I wasn’t a big fan of the pancakes}.


There were a few negatives as you would expect from any extreme change in diet. Here are some of the ones I experienced:

  • Dodgy tummy – Exante is a high protein plan which initially gave me a bit of an upset stomach. Luckily this was very temporary {one day} but worth bearing in mind.
  • Headaches – I experienced headaches for the first few days. I was happy to take pain relief but again worth bearing in mind!
  • Taste – at first the high protein content can taste a bit odd but I got used to it very quickly


Overall I’m really impressed with the plan! I like the products and overall I’m feeling really good. Here are some of the things I’ve noticed:

  • I’m genuinely not hungry
  • I enjoy one “proper” meal a day at a time of my choice so I don’t feel deprived
  • The shakes and bars are really convenient on the go {you just mix the shakes with cold water}
  • The plan comes with a nice shaker 🙂
  • Because I’m sticking with the plan 90% of the time I feel like I can have the odd treat without falling off the wagon
  • My skin has improved
  • I’m less bloated
  • I feel more energetic
  • My clothes already feel more comfortable
  • I feel really good and positive about the plan

Week 1 results

Going forwards

I’m so pleased with my week one results and am also enjoying the plan so I’m going to stick with what I’m doing for at least another week then either continue with 2 meal replacements a day or see how I feel after that.

Discount code

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